Goyo World

New York @ Night

Manhattan seen through the Brooklyn Bridge

Bartender waiting for the Tuesday night mayhem at Happy Ending - 302 Broome Street

Young and upcoming Bang Bang Eche from New Zealand playing at the Mercury Lounge

An empty dive on the upper West side? That would be the Ding Dong Lounge.

Maybe Manhattan's best kept secret - The Campbell Apartment - inside Grand Central. Thanks to the lovely Natalia for your beauty and your patient pose. If you've never been, you've never been to New York I'd say, proper attire required.

Moto on a Monday night? Best bar in Williamsburg for sure, just ask any local that's been in the hood for more than 8 years. Even the kids love MOTO.

The Chrysler building on the left and a few other NYC skyscrapers

Gonzo Samurai Fotoninja at work (playin')